THE NAKED CHALLENGE: Creative Mastery Global Summit Bundle

If you missed 6 Days of Creative Bliss at the #TNCsummitLIVE hosted by - ALEX OKOROJI & 25 Amazing Speakers from around the world from Monday 4 July 2016 - Saturday 9, July 2016.

Then join this list to be among the first 100 creatives to get notified with a SPECIAL 50% off discount coupon... as soon as the downloadable recording of the entire 6 Day Summit is available + all Presentation Slides, Work Book, Multimedia & Access to Special GIVEAWAYS.

Why Join this List?

If you are a creative looking to reinvent yourself, your ideas or creative business...Each day of this summit is packed with some of the best strategies, most inspiring nuggets, insights and practises to help you STRIP down all your creative challenges & limiting beliefs.

Besides, getting a 50% discount on such valuable content from top influencers makes it even more AMAZING.

Are you an Established or Aspiring Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Author, Musician, Actor, Media Personality, Web designer, Graphic Artist, Singer, Film-maker, Independent Publisher, Advertiser, Digital Content Creator, Editor, Radio Host, Social Media Marketer, Fashion Designer, Painter, Photographer, Social or Creative Entrepreneur looking for the the most cutting-edge techniques, strategies and hacks to take your creative business to the next level?

Are you hiding your amazing gifts or covering up your talents? Are you afraid to REVEAL your creative SUPER POWERS or even share your brilliant ideas with the world? Are you still doing the same ole thing and expecting NEW results? Are you tired of constantly putting out fires in your art/business? Maybe you’ve tried to start new projects to improve your results, only to abandon them halfway through... due to lack of time, or the right system and resources to get them done well. What CREATIVE strategies are you applying to tilt your ideas, skills and talents over that of your competitors? What are you doing to step out of the box, out of your comfort zone, out of the back stage and into the spotlight? NAKED and ready to reveal everything you are capable of achieving.

NOW, This is a CHALLENGE...And we DARE you to RE-INVENT your strategies and make one small move that will impact your growth immensely, and turn around your creative ideas and business for good.

I'll even throw in THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101 Webinar Tutorial Video: "From Idealist to Realist..." + E-Slides with 10 solid strategies to motivate you to take your GOALS from dream to REALITY.

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