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by aguvij116 | Created October 22, 2017
Hello. This will tell the GFX staff who is on hold. This is a waiting list.
by set | Created April 25, 2017
The waiting list for studios @ SET Centres. The list helps us navigate who wants a studio, but will not necessarily be gone through in o...
by wolfwhiskers | Created January 17, 2016
Just a note, this is NOT the official wait list. It is only a notification list in the rare chance that I have one of my LE Inside Out ...
by tracymcdaniel | Created October 01, 2017
Christmas minis without Santa
by tracymcdaniel | Created October 01, 2017
Wait list for Santa minis
by gamtnpugs | Created August 22, 2016
With the love and desire for pug puppies in such a high demand, we strongly encourage you to get on our waiting list. We average 6 puppie...