Mumpreneurs: Virtual lab to build your ideal career, your own regenerative startup, or to join one.

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Many mums have multiple jobs - one as a mother, and the others in a business or as a professional. Some of you are facing a major dilemma: between your old / current work; or to really change careers; perhaps even start your own business.

Do you want to reinvent your life, but don’t know how or where to start?

Making the “right” decision and understanding your options is a challenge. But there is one thing that you are sure about; your new life as a mum is changing you and the way you view the world. Whether you’ve already modified or paused your career to have and raise children, or hope to, do you want something better than simply trying to fit yourself to the professional world?

You have good reason to want to. Our uniqueness remains hidden too often. In the UK, of women in full time work: only 31% of women remain in full time work; and only 13% get promoted or move to a better job (vs. 26% of fathers) in the 5 years after childbirth. This goes deep: according to a 2019 study in Germany, only an average of 39% of Germans were in favour of mothers of schoolchildren working full-time!

While we’re all painfully aware of the reasons we mothers choose to scale back our careers, or leave the workforce altogether, the general consensus is that we are not satisfied with the options available.
It is no wonder why many of us don’t want what standard business careers offer.

In this pre-startup programme, designed especially for mums and mums-to-be, by Evoluter (an emerging revolutionary ecosystem of startups addressing global challenges), we give you all the insight and resources you need to find out who you can become, and what your next steps will be. This is right for you, if you are longing to make an impact, create a sustainable world your children will thrive in, looking for stimulating conversation, and to be a part of a community of practice that will value your creative input, ideas, and business skills?

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Programme Description

In this hands-on, experiential virtual lab (vlab), you will become part of a community of practice committed to creating new ways of having a fulfilling life. One that combines: generating healthy income through fulfilling work suited to your uniqueness; integrating your roles as mum, partner, and friend; and making a better world for your children to inherit.
Sign up now if you see the current crisis as a golden opportunity for you, to investigate and design the kind of work that will be at the core of the life you want to live.
We will fine-tune the content, and schedule it, to suit you, as soon as we have 10 people registered.

Languages: English, German, and French.

At the end of this vlab you will have taken a decisive step forward in your journey to reinvent yourself and your life. You will have applied Design Thinking and Business Modelling to take the first steps toward creating the life you want. This programme is not just another superficial self-development workshop.

You will get:

  • A closed group of mums like you, safe peer to peer mentoring.

  • Set up your own first draft business concept (Design Thinking).

  • First steps towards reinventing yourself (Design Thinking).

  • Understand how you can enter the startup world.

  • A mentor for your own personal and professional challenges.

  • Tools and strategies to make better decisions and harness conflict.

  • Insight into the new and most important ways of running profitable businesses, inherently human and inclusive. Applications of sociocracy and holacracy as well as new legal structures.

  • Learn how to set up your own business in a way that will automatically create the regenerative economy we need to address the climate emergency, and protect against new crises.

  • Pdf and paperback of Graham's book "Picasso and Einstein: the Economy, Leadership and You"


Part 1: Discover-Design-Prototype (5 x 2.5 hour sessions - spread over 3 weeks)

  1. Session 1: Getting to know each other and using online collaboration tools (premium features free of charge for you).

  2. Session 2: Your natural talents. Understand your hardwired nature, especially what to do more of, because these activities will always give you energy; and what to do as little as possible of, because they will always drain your energy. What are your aspirations and needs?

  3. Session 3: Design thinking 1. Lay out the first outline of a prototype startup, freelancer, or professional career for testing with people around you this week.

  4. Session 4: Your aspirations, blocking behaviours, and the vulnerabilities they protect. Your first step to using inner tension as a valuable resource through the Adaptive Way patterns. Access to the online Adaptive Way training.

  5. Session 5: Introduction to appreciative inquiry and consent decision making to get input on your business prototype, and the core foundation of creating a successful startup fit for human beings to thrive in.

Part 2: Foundation to start (3 x 2.5 hour sessions - spread over 2 weeks)

  1. Session 1: Create your initial FairShares Commons business model canvas / future career; prepare to prototype.

  2. Session 2: Introduction to regenerative, adaptive organisations: starting to use sociocracy / Holacracy and the FairShares Commons. Identifying key stakeholders in your business, their needs and investments.

  3. Session 3: Integrating first prototyping learnings, design prototype test 2, intro to the Evoluter incubation programme.

Optional additional deepening of Part 1

Some of you may want to dive deeper into what Part 1 brings you before setting the foundations; these sessions are for you. We will run these if at least 5 people sign up.


  1. Part 1: 450 Euros + VAT for all 5 sessions (2 hours + 30 minutes connection)

  2. Part 2: 300 Euros + VAT for all 3 sessions (2 hours + 30 minutes connection)

  3. Deep dive: 200 Euros + VAT per 2 sessions (approx. 2.5 hours each)

Total discounted Price for Part 1 & 2 plus 2 sessions of deep dive: 850 Euros + VAT for all 10 sessions!!
* If the pricing is beyond your budget in these times, please let us know what is in your budget in the box when you register.

How it works
Our group will meet online on dates and times agreed beforehand and convenient to the members of the group. You are part of a safe and small group of mums. with whom to share your journey of discovery and creation.

Register today to express your interest; as soon as we have 10 people registered we will begin scheduling the programme.

This is a special version of the Evolutesix Evoluter startup programme.

Your facilitators are:
Marie-Nicole Schuster: (Evolutesix partner and Mumpreneur co-lead)
Mum of a spirited 5 year old, and Co-Founder of Grey Sphere, a neuroscience-based leadership consultancy. Marie has over 15 years of people development experience, having worked with leaders and teams in NGO’s, Shipping, Pharma and Telecoms across the MENA region.
She is committed to developing and supporting mums from all walks of life, both personally and professionally, to create the life they want; whether they’re in their first, second or third acts.

Stephanie Bouju: (Evolutesix partner and Mumpreneur co-lead)
Mum of two energetic young boys, Senior Enterprise Risk Manager in the financial industry, with decades of experience on both hard and soft sides of the finance, engineering and NGO sectors. Early practitioner of Evolutesix Adaptive Way.
Stephanie’s passion stems from her deep belief that all people have the potential to positively contribute to the betterment of their communities, especially once we broaden the definition and reward systems of value.

Graham Boyd: (Evolutesix founder and source)
Graham's primary role is integrating the uniqueness of each component and group into the whole ecosystem, in a way that keeps all of the valuable uniqueness and the common oneness.
He has worked as a CEO, serial entrepreneur, former Manager Research and Development (P&G) and particle physicist. Graham applies the expertise gathered across these three careers to innovate and transform business systems so as to create antifragile, regenerative businesses, in place of our fragile, crisis-creating economy.
He now incubates regenerative startup ecosystems, having gained 15 years experience in adaptive organisation and adaptive leadership practice; Graham is starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups using his methodology. He also consults to multinationals and startups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration.;


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