Design out of Shield GameCube controller waiting list by designoos

Please include your full name/tag/both

Please only sign up to this list if you're willing to spend at least £120GBP as this is what my controllers generally cost.

I will ask for a £50GBP deposit when you reach the top of the list and we are both happy with the design. The deposit covers the minimum paint and controller costs and will be deducted from the final paid price. I ask this not because I don't trust you but to make sure that the process is as streamlined as it can be so you and the people behind you aren't kept waiting.

Some controllers take longer than others so please be patient.

While you wait you can design your own controller so I can get to painting as fast as possible. You can download a template here:

Using this template is the best way for me to see what it is you want your controller to look like.

Some designs will have to be changed due to technical limitations. If you aren't happy with the revised design & price quoted and no compromise can be achieved then I'll take you off the waiting list and move on to the next person's controller. Please be as outlandish with your designs as you can be though, I like a challenge.

You can keep up with my progress on my Facebook page:

or on my twitter @Design_OOS

Once I am finished with the top person on the waiting list and have sent off their controller I will contact the next one and start the process again.

If you have any questions about the waiting list or anything pertaining to getting a custom controller feel free to email me at

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