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January ONLY!
Currently for existing clients only
If you have an existing appointment, please do not add yourself to this list. If you already have an appointment and want to be waitlisted for another day/time, Please cancel the existing appointment to join.

The waitlist is in place for clients to be booked in for a specific date and time. *Example, if you are looking for January 5th at 2:30 and it is not available, you will add yourself to the waitlist for January 5th at 2:30. If January 5th at 2:30 becomes available you will be booked.
Please do not add yourself to this waitlist with “ any date, anytime” please refer to GlossGenius for daily cancelations in that case

Please add your name, date, and time you are looking for

If an appointment becomes available you will automatically be booked. Once you are booked you are responsible for the appointment, at the time of booking if you can no longer make it please text 845-558-2682 in a timely manner



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