Rebuild Foundation course - for builders of a better world

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Have your cake and eat it

How to break free of forced compromise: Make high profit and high impact

What if the way we’re looking at the world is preventing us from building a world, and economy, where we can all thrive? Forcing us to see compromises that are not really there? Stopping us seeing the keys to making each business whole, so that it works for all involved, and for nature?

Do you want to see what is currently hidden? Do you want new options to make businesses that are whole; inherently regenerative for all capitals they touch; and that connect together to build whole, regenerative economies?

This workshop will give you new options to address your challenges: from personal through organisational up to our global. Especially if you've already begun reading our book "Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You" and want to understand in more depth the core elements of the book.

This course addresses why many of us, our businesses, and our economy today is out of step with society, human needs, and nature. It describes how to find new ways to be whole, to flow and dance with the systems we are fundamentally part of.

What you’ll get

A workshop covering the foundations of the book Rebuild, the cutting edge approaches to addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. It is the perfect bridge into our Startup University programme, or any of our other how-to workshops for builders of a better world.

  • The six strata you need to make coherent to build a whole economy made of whole businesses staffed by whole people, and how to make them coherent. The emphasis is on strata 1-5.

    1. Inner-personal

    2. Inter-personal

    3. Inner-organisation (organisation design)

    4. Inter-organiation, inter-stakeholder, (incorporation)

    5. Inter-ecosystem (local economic / business ecosystems)

    6. Global economy

  • How these strata are connected, why you must have a coherent approach across 1-4 to create a whole organisation.

  • Who are you, and who will you become next? Stages of adult development, world views and what this means for creating fluid, agile, sociocratic or Holacratic organisations.

  • Your natural talents and energies

  • How you think: new lenses for solving the challenges you are faced with. Complementary pairs and the 28 post-logical thought forms.

  • Integrating your nature, how you think, and what you think, into a new whole

  • Why what you’ve learnt in business school makes you over-estimate opportunities and under-estimate risks.

  • Organisations as living beings, and so what to do to build a culture, structures, and processes that quickly adapt to new business drivers in an uncertain, complex world.

  • How to create antifragile vs. fragile psychological safety at work, how to harness inner and inter-pesonal tensions to improve outcomes. (Whether impact or profit.)

  • The journey from traditional management hierarchies through self-management and on to fully autopoeitic organisation designs.

  • Reasons for hope, and what you can do next to build on these foundations

  • An epub of the book Rebuild: A toolkit for builders of a better world
    Access to our Adaptive Way online training programme.

Is this workshop right for me?

The workshop is for everyone already, or intending to, make something that contributes to rebuilding, to making us whole again. Entrepreneurs, change agents, managers, students, mothers, fathers, investors, HR, lawyers, activists. We will run mixed programmes, and if there is demand, special programmes for specific interest groups. (e.g. specifically for investors, HR, founders, etc.)

Format: 3 x 3 hours workshops on Zoom

Date: Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday, 3rd and Thursday, 4th November 2021 from 18:00 to 21:00, with a 10 minute break in the middle.

Price: 199 GBP p.p. (Half of this will be credited to you if you sign up for our full Startup University programme.) NB: Payment upon registration is not required at this stage, so please do add your name to the waitlist here and we'll send you more information!

Participants: Minimum 15, maximum 30 participants.

Lead Facilitator: Graham Boyd is the author of Rebuild: The Economy, Leadership and You. He applies the expertise gathered across three careers (particle physicist, manager with Procter and Gamble, serial startup founder) to bring his vision, of an economy that works for all, to reality. He incubates regenerative startups; and is starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups; consulting to multi-nationals and startups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration. And he writes books so that you can do it yourself.


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