Evoluter University for early-stage regenerative startups

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Start the startup that the future needs from you, become the person you need to be to do the work you are in the world for. Regenerative in all the capitals you touch.

The Evoluter University's programs are designed for everyone who wants to work in a startup, whether as a founder, co-founder, team member; and of course for very early-stage startups focussed on prototyping and validating their business concept and forming the cofounding team. The core program of the University typically lasts three months, or however long is needed for the startup concept to have been validated and reach investment readiness.

The Evoluter University is for you if:

• You are committed to building a successful business that regenerates the planet and society, delivers healthy profit, and self-development, and uses the regenerative approach to incorporating and running a business laid out in Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You.
• You are driven by creating a thriving company, one that regenerates all capitals it touches, and becomes part of an ecosystem, not just making a quick buck through a quick exit.
• You recognise that working in a startup is challenging for you too, and you relish the impulse your work will bring to you to grow, to transform.

40 hours per week for 3 months. 
Next start date: July 2021

Core program modules:

The core program comprises 3 parts and includes a series of challenging growth sprints:

1. Adaptive Organisation, Incorporation, Dynamic and Developmental Organisations. 
2. Tools
3. Startup creation

Modules include

Life/human centred design
The foundation of this core program is that the startup team to develops and validates an all-capitals, all-stakeholders business model canvas, which then becomes the basis for designing the company to multiply all capitals, not just financial capital. This process takes at least three months, where participants complete 2 to 3 design sprints, developing hypotheses and testing them.

In parallel, the startup team lays the foundations for ongoing operations.

The all-stakeholders business model canvas is the design brief for designing the most appropriate incorporation. The startup team has, by the end of this phase, understood and experienced the benefits of the different levels of incorporation, decided which level is best for them, and has incorporated.

Organisation design
By the end of this phase the startup team is proficient in using the latest approaches to working together, including consent / integrative decision-making, functional versus management accountability hierarchies, and agile, delegated, fluid roles. The basis is sociocracy and Holacracy.

Participants, in facilitated workshops, will have proficiency in reaching rapid, efficient decisions that take into account all understanding from everyone in the team; in how to structure organisations as functional, human accountability hierarchies, So that the startups working processes can change faster than their changing business environment demands. This minimises the risk of start-up failure caused by slow reactions, and information on opportunities and risks not reaching decision-makers in time.

Human interaction processes
By the end of the power up phase all participants have become proficient in using the central elements of the Evolutesix adaptive way, in particular using nonviolent communication, Kegan’s Immunity to Change, and the systems thinking elements of the 28 post logical thought forms.

This is an intense, transformational process of self and team development. Participants have access to our online on demand micro-learning modules, and develop proficiency in the Adaptive Way practices in facilitated workshops. The participants get intense guidance from the facilitator in how to use the adaptive way processes, based on current best practice for peer-to-peer coaching, in order to be well equipped when conflict emerges in their startups to be able to use these processes to transform conflict into strength and growth. Even if a startup or individual only progresses to the end of the , but does not incorporate, they will have gained skills they will use for the rest of their life, and in every company they work in in the future.

What you'll accomplish:

Since solo entrepreneurs and teams come into the Evoluter University at different points in the early stages, the bar for completing the program will vary per individual. At the very least, each person completes the program with the following:
1. Validated Business Model
2. Well-Formed Corporation
3. Network of Experienced Entrepreneurs, Investors and Mentors
4. Significant Startup Progress
5. Progress on Individual and Team Growth
6. Investment-Worthy Pitch Deck
7. Clear & Actionable Next Steps for Growth

By the end of the University's core program, you will have incorporated as a FairShares Commons company with the most powerful approaches available to deliver top level regenerative business results and each person growing themselves as human beings.

What's next:

Upon completion of the University's core program, the Evoluter Accelerator begins after the startup has incorporated, validated its business plan, and is investment ready. Ideally the startup has investment already, or has at least sufficient runway to close the first investment round. The accelerator phase typically lasts six months, until the startup is running stably and ready to become a full member of the ecosystem of regenerative startups.


For applications and expressions of interest, please contact:
• Graham Boyd, graham@evolutesix.com, TW pop/LI GrahamBoydphd
• Marie Schuster, marie@evoluesix.com
• Stephanie Bouju, stephanie@evolutesix.com



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