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Hello welcome to the waitlist.

Type of commission services:

-Denim jackets
-digital portraits
-canvas paintings

how I price:

The price of the customized denim jacket depends on the price of the jacket and the price of how long it takes to paint it.

I charged $15 per hour.

cost of the jacket: $60
cost of the painting: 7 hours ($105)
shipping: $15

total cost: $180

I usually get jackets based on what my clients wants. the more expensive denim is more sturdier and will last longer (Levis, GAP)

Jackets from f21 and h&m are budget friendly.

pricing for other kind of commission is similar to the jacket price.
Materials + Labor

how the waitlist works.

I am pretty busy with school so I can't really go through the list quickly. If you need the jacket ASAP that is something that's not doable. I paint on jackets whenever I find time and thats mostly once a week or once every 2 weeks.

unless it's summer vacation then I'll be able to go through the list quickly

please wait patiently

sorry for the lag

ALSO IMPORTANT to consider the shipping cost.
international shipping cost a lot so research how much is shipping from US to your country before you sign up on the waitlist
Domestic shipping is $15


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