Azzah’s Customs!

Hi my name is Azzah and I make custom handmade items! This includes shirts, shoes, jeans, bags, hats etc. If you’re interested in buying a personalized custom made by me read through the following information before submitting for a request.

Important Information:

How much will it cost?
Prices are listed below. Prices are dependent on two major factors including the complexity and time it will take to complete the custom.

Prices (Deposit+Custom Item+Customization Fee)
Deposit: Not Refundable. Included for each order payed through Venmo.
The deposit include the price of the custom item I will purchase + a small part of the full price.

Customization Fee Starting Prices:
Shirts: $50+
Jeans: $80+
Shoes: $50+
For anything else: When I reach your spot on the waitlist I will discuss prices with you.

How long will it take?
About 2 weeks or maybe even less depending on the amount I would have to draw.

What will you use to draw and is it safe to wash?
Posca paint pens, sharpie markers, fabric paint and yes they are resistant to washing but may fade over time. Be sure to wash by flipping the clothing inside out and washing at a low setting.

Can you redraw the Junji Ito jeans?
No I don’t redraw the same exact pair of jeans more than once however, I can always do the same theme and just do different characters and scenes!


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