July Appointment Waitlist by crownedbyher

Hey Queens,

As you may already know, calendars open for stylist: Melinda every 15th of the month at 10am. This waitlist was created for anyone interested book an appointment with stylist: Melinda for the month of July, but aren't able to find any spots online, due to it being booked.

After the schedule is booked, spots can become available again if/when someone cancels their appointments. At that time, someone else can replace the spot.

This list will provide me, (Melinda) with a point of reference as to who to call first to replace any spots that may become available.

This list, in no way, guarantees that you have an appointment or that you'll even be called to replace a newly available appointment.

If you are called, emailed, or notified of an open spot, you have 2 hours to redeem or the spot will be passed down to next person.

Must complete all fields, or your request will be void.



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