Tracy Malone's ME SCHOOL is offering a dynamic six week Course Creation Program designed to train you how to turn your God given gift into an online course that actually sells!

❤️ Tracy Malone will serve you at the highest level in a very short time. You'll be joined by like-minded women entrepreneurs ready to power past the impossibilities. This is your opportunity to learn Tracy's successful online course creation methods and implement them so you can create a professional online course.

This course is designed to allow you to share your knowledge with your clients and generate sales. There will be so many people lining up to have you teach what you're so good at to them… and not for pennies but for a premium fee! And this is where your new high-ticket course that you and I will create TOGETHER is going to come in handy!

So be sure to join the waitlist and get ready to SOAR!

If you were referred by a current ME SCHOOLER, once you join the guestlist and join the program, we've got a special gift for both of you!!


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