Revive Credit Academy

by ayesha grant Premium | p2p

You can change your financial future by improving your knowledge about your CREDIT. Our goal is to assist you with achieving the credit success you want and deserve. We do this by providing you access to the information, knowledge, resources and tools to help IMPROVE your credit.

This course will INSTRUCT you on how to repair your OWN credit without hiring a credit repair agency. Allowing you the ability to save money and have the security of not worrying about deceptive practices if you had hired a fraudulent credit repair agency. Additionally, once you have learned to repair your OWN credit you are able to help your family and friends to repair their credit. And maybe eventually, start your own credit repair agency.

This course is taught by a Credit Repair Educator who has helped numerous individuals and families delete over 100K in debt from their very OWN credit reports. This COURSE will help you understand the entire credit repair process from start to finish. Offering you the steps to legally and effectively clean up your credit profile.

After completing this course, you will have the tools that you need to REVIVE your credit.

The improved HEALTH of your CREDIT is the foundation for you to gain ACCESS to WEALTH!

As a STUDENT, listed below are a few things you will learn:

💫How to analyze your credit report to get started

💫How to dispute personal identifiers which helps with the success rate of credit repair

💫Factual dispute tactics identifying inaccuracies, errors, and untimely reporting information

💫About the laws (FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA and others) and how they can be used to protect you as a consumer

💫The Dispute process for Bankruptcies, Collections, Charge-Off, Foreclosures, Student Loans and Repos

💫How to consolidate Student Loans

And MUCH more.......

Dispute Letter Kit
Inquiry Removal Letter (Advanced)
Credit Score Increase TIPS



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