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Following an incredible 2021 UK Retreat we are now launching our YES to Success retreat programme for next year!! Spaces are VERY limited so to be the first in line for a booking link just sign up here and we will make sure we get the info to you in secret before they go out to the public!
The dates and themes are as follows:

Marbella -
March 4th - 8th & 11th - 15th 2022 - Your Story, Past, Present & Future

UK Retreat (Location TBC)
May 13t - 16th 2022 Overcoming Fear

UK Retreat (Location TBC)
July 8th - 11th Building Confidence

UK Retreat (Location TBC)
19th - 22st August - Money Mindset

UK Retreat (Location TBC)
9th - 12th September - Be Your Biggest Cheerleader


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