Sarah's commissions ♡

by sarahkayna Free

Welcome to my waitlist for my commissions! I do custom hand drawn and painted clothing pieces and accessories. Thank you for all your support and patience. Please read below before signing up ♡ ~Sarah
*those who do not confirm their email address after 48 hours of signing up will be removed*

How much do you charge?
-Once I confirm my commission with you, there will be a $20 deposit (preferably through Venmo). This is so that I know you are a serious customer :-) Starting prices will be anywhere from $75-$100 ($20 deposit included in that), however final prices will be determined by the circumstances of your piece.

Is it safe to wash?
-Yes it is safe to wash. I will be providing more detailed instructions on how to care for your item to those who make a purchase.

Can I send you my own jeans/jacket?
-Yes! This would actually make it easier for everyone because then I know that the clothing item fits you.

Do you ship internationally?
-As of right now I am not, however I am looking more into it so that I'll be able to in the future :-)

Can you do any anime/manga?
-Of course! I can also branch outside of anime/manga, it could be a musician or band etc.

Instagram: @kaynakokoro
Twitter: @kaynamwah


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